26 April 2011


I think for those who watched the original classic 'A Chinese Ghost Story' starring the late Leslie Chueng and Joey Wong, they would catch this latest remake starring Louis Koo and Liu Yifei. Well, at least I did.

There was a slight change in the storyline. In the original, the female ghost Joey was in love with only Leslie after encountering the decent scholar who tried to rescue her from the demon-hunter and touched her heart with his pure love for her despite knowing that she is a demon. In this remake, Liu Yifei played the sweet and innocent looking ghost, but she was caught between an old love, Louis the demon-hunter, and the new love Yu Shaoqiang. If you find the twood-twood scholar familiar, that is because he recently starred as one of the monks in the movie 'Shaolin' played by Andy Lau and Nicholas Tze.

Whilst the latest version boasts beautiful cinematograhy and authentic scenery with mainly chinese mainland actors, the original's appeal is irreplaceable. I don't think anyone can forget the wonderful pairing of the charismatic Leslie and beautiful Joey as the on-screen human-demon couple, with a tragic ending, torn apart by their differences in existence. While I don't dislike the new version, I also don't necessarily think all new things are always better than the older ones.