01 April 2011


I always love to see a Flame of the Forest or Red Flame. It goes as far back as my Primary School when I saw a beautiful drawing of it on my science textbook Science Today. Ever since I laid eyes on it, there was no more turning back.

Back then, I love learning about the life cycles of the frog, chicken, lizard etc. Too bad such books are no longer found anywhere because I would love to get hold of a copy of them. I also love the geography books when I was studying in Secondary School and remember collecting a pristine copy of them.

Back to this post, we saw a peahen (a female peacock) and there was a chick in toll. Unfortunately, I couldn' capture a photo of the young one. Near the back of the signboard is an Aphelandra sinclairiana shrub.

Wow, I just realized I use 5 "back" in this post alone.