09 April 2011


I do think greenery is important and for a hospital to be surrounded by so many beautiful plants in such a lush landscape is simply amazing. There were studies that show that greenery is therapeutic and patients who look at the greenery around or in the hospital daily has a speedier recovery. Don't ask me for scientific papers to back that up though.

Just look at the grandpa and his grandchild toddler sitting by the pond. A walkway at level 4 is bursting with colours from the always reliable Lantana camara. I have not seen the Turnera ulmifolia (common name: Yellow Alder; Family: Passifloraceae) and T. subulata (common name: White Alder) planted for a while now and I guess people don't like to plant them because they are fantastic bee-attractors! I, for one, love to see the congregation of honey bees on the flowers but I dare not be near them for fear of being stung. It's a paradox.

Ah, and how can I forget about the beautiful Clerodendrum thomsoniae (common name: Bleeding Heart; Family: Lamiaceae)? I posted about the C. speciosum earlier but I have always love this plant but never tried planting it outdoors. Anyway, this led to me seeking the plant out and I did, yesterday, but I will talk about it in a separate post.