17 April 2011


I was hesitant to post about some recent movies that I watched because there was no motivation at all for me to do it. There was nothing fantastic to shout about. In fact, they were kind of boring or predictable.

The comedy 'Hall Pass' wasn't particularly hilarious and was just so-so. I don't know but hollywood seems to have lost the touch. 'Sanctum' was a thriller but it failed to put me on a high. Inspired by a true story, cave diving sounds thrilling and scary and throughout half the movie, I imagined an alien creature appearing out of the dark. The other half of the time, I wished I watched '127 Hours' instead, which I was dying to watch, but did not manage to catch it. Then there was 'Sucker Punch', the sci-fi fantasy thriller starring 5 hot chicks. But it was a letdown and I fell asleep at the beginning of the film.

I am so looking forward to other upcoming movies such as 'Thor', 'X-Men - First Class' and 'Captain America and The Avengers'.