12 April 2011


The Pterocarpus indicus 'Pendula' at the Irrigation Pond flowered recently. So far, I have yet to seen the whole tree in full bloom. What a sight it would be when that happens, if it happens.

The Rondeletia odorata is getting more bushy and has been reliably producing lots of orange flowers. Interestingly, the self-sown Vitex trifolia growing on the concrete rock face of the pond is such a joy to watch with its small bluish flowers. One thing is for sure. It does not or rather cannot grow in water because one of the branches that grew into the water and out is completely devoid of leaves. The Ludwigia sedioides has also spread considerably since the last time I saw it.

Back on the bank, I noticed some bracket fungus growing on the trunk of a Bauhinia blakeana tree that was transplanted long ago. No wonder the tree seemed to have deteriorated in health over the last few months when viewed from the main broadwalk.