23 April 2011


There are 2 separate and very different shrubs here.

The first is known as the Clerodendrum quadriloculare known by its common name Starburst Bush or Shooting Star. The leaves are green on the upperside and maroon on its underside. All these planted at HortPark were bought from Thailand and it seemed to be able to send out new plantlets from its roots as evident by this cluster shown here. I only planted one plant but there are at least four plants now. A second cluster has several plantlets growing out from its base too.

The second looks like an Ixora with big broad leaves, and has an unknown specific epithet that could not be identified at the moment. We are getting our taxonomist to look into its identity and we were told it may not be an Ixora and could be a different genus. The flowers are white and the sepals are red. I guess we just have to wait and see.