09 April 2011


At the Floral Walk, this brightly coloured variegated Ravenia spectabilis reminded me of the sad and poor specimen that I have at home. I bought it some time ago and it has been faring poorly along my corridor and dropped most of its leaves.

Anyway, two variegated Solanum wrightii (synonym: S. macranthum; common name: Giant Potato Tree; Family: Solanaceae) were planted near to the normal variety that is at least 5 m tall now. The free flowering small tree produces flowers that change its colour from white to purple over time and a link on this tree is shown below:

Nearby, the ground was littered with pink Periwinkle like flowers, from the small tree Kopsia fruticosa. Right at the HortPark entrance, the Corymbia 'Summer Beauty' was sending out numerous bunches of inflorescences and floral buds. Yet across the Corymbia is an unknown deciduous Barringtonia, or so I was told, with reddish-orange leaves.