23 April 2011


At the Punggol Waterway and Promenade, I saw this mass of beautiful tall grass with yellow seed heads. When they swayed in unison with the wind, it gave a serene and calm feeling. I wish they could retain these patches of grass, although I am aware that it may be an aggressive weed, like the common Lalang (scientific name: Imperata cylindrica; Family: Poaceae / Gramineae).

In the area, there are some Crotalaria anagyroides (synonym: C. micans, C. brachystachys; Family: Fabaceae / Leguminosae) which is also a butterfly host plant and I collected the seeds for our nursery to germinate them. Some links on this shrub are shown below:

  1. http://www.hear.org/pier/species/crotalaria_micans.htm
  2. http://www.butterflycircle.com/checklist%20V2/CI/index.php/start-page/startpage/showplant/32