07 April 2011


This is the stretch of the park connector that separates HortPark from the Pasir Panjang Nursery, and leads up to Hyderabad Road from Kent Ridge Park. These few Syzygium zeylanicum (synonym: Eugenia spicata, E. zeylanica, E. grata, E. varians, Myrtus zeylanica, Jambosa bracteata, S. myrtifolium, S. spicatum; common name: Kelat Nasi Nasi; Family: Myrtaceae), which have smaller leaves than the Syzygium lineatum (synonym: Eugenia longiflora, S. longiflorum, E. lineata, E. teysmanii, Jambosa lineata, Myrtus lineata) have been fruiting for a while now.

I actually pluck a white fruit and tasted it. I split it out in a second because there was a bland dry taste to it. A few links on the tree are shown here: