17 April 2011


The 2011 general election is coming up soon and I saw a short clip about it on the Channel 8 News earlier. In it, Prime Minister's main message is "风雨同舟, 共创未来" which literally translates to "wind rain same vessel (boat), together create the future".

Yes, like it or not, regardless of whether the past year or the year ahead is going to be good or bad, we are all in the same boat. We either sink or swim together. So, we all have to work collectively as a team to shape the future and overcome whatever obstacles that come our way. No matter what, we at least do not have unpredictable natural disasters that claim lives, so we should take our stride and do our best for ourselves and the economy.

Wow, I wonder who come up with such campaign slogans for national day speeches, elections etc. But one thing is certain. This year's GE is going to be very interesting with all the changes e.g. electoral boundary changes, stepping down of past Advisors, a whole batch of new candidates. Oh, I heard the presidential election is coming up next.