14 April 2011


I bought this Dendrobium bracteosum orchid from the last SGF in July 10. In fact, I bought 2 pots from 2 separate vendors from Taiwan. Somehow, I kept these 2 pots at different locations and they behave so differently. This one left along my corridor shed all its leaves and flowers quite some time back and I thought it was going to die soon since there was no obvious growth. But then I thought there was no harm keeping it since it may be in dormancy. Recently, it started to develop young shoots and I am inclined to believe they are new plantlets. I guess I would have to wait and see.

Anyway, I bought the uncommon but beautiful Acalypha reptans (synonym: A. pendula, A. repens, A. chamaedrifolia; common name: Dwarf Chenille, Firetail, Cat's Tail; Family: Euphorbiaceae) recently and planted it where the Impatiens balsamina used to be. So far, it is still doing well.

I also bought this Fuchsia after many years of giving up on it. The last time I successfully grew it was when my office was at Gateway West. Whilst there was some leaf drop, the shoots were generally growing and developing new floral buds after just 12 days. Anyway, I quickly snip some cuttings for propagation like what I used to do because they root so easily. I have heard many times that it is impossible to grow this plant under our kind of hot climate but I refuse to give up totally. Hopefully this time, I have better luck but only time will tell.