24 April 2011


These were some of the weed plant photos taken in the nursery.

The Tridax procumbens (common name: Coat Button; Family: Asteraceae / Compositae) is a very common garden weed but its small flowers are also nectar plants to some smaller butterflies. A link on this plant is shown below:


Elodea infestation in waterways is a huge problem worldwide. This monsoon drain is not spared, as evident by the amount of growth amongst the white waterlily. When in large amounts, they tend to float up to the surface and its unsightly look makes the water body aesthetically unappealing. A link on this noxious weed is attached below:


The last is the climber Cissus hastata (synonym: Vitis hastata; common name: White-Stemmed Button Vine; Family: Vitaceae). As can be seen in the photos, it can be an aggressive climber that smolders the host plant it climbs on. Its red tendrils are what caught my attention. A link on this weed is shown below: