07 April 2011


After the pergola, I approached this rustic part of the park. You see, when we were redeveloping the park, there was a part of the park that was occupied by a temporary bus interchange before it was moved to its present permanent location across the road and there was this other part that was nostalgic to most residents who lived in this area.

The decision then was to redevelop this latter part with a more modern look to it and retain the rustic feel of the former. This is the former part that leads to a chinese-design bridge over a pond. The old and bent Callistemon viminalis trees were kept because of the beauty they give to the pond with their arching branches. The reflection of the landscape in the pond was just splendid and the small islands of plants in the pond add a different dimension to it. The landscape architect was brilliant and suggested the use of Phoenix palms in the water as a trial and they are still there in the pond today.

Amongst the marginal aquatic plants was a Waterhen that moved quietly through the thick growth. Part of the old concrete footpath along the pond edge was laid with wooden blocks salvaged from an Australian railway, at least that was what I was told. Then I was back on the red-bricked pathway that led me out of the park where I was greeted by the majestic rows of silver Bismarckia nobilis that is so iconic of this location.