16 April 2011


On Thursday night, I was lying in bed when suddenly one of the wall mounted warm lights began to take on a brighter glow. In a split second, it shone as bright as the sun and the light bulb burst. This triggered a power trip and everything went dark.

I managed to turn back the power and change the light bulb and resumed what I was doing earlier. That was when I realized the wifi connection was lost. Once again, the router was blinking and I could no longer connect to the internet.

So here I am trying to blog again using my M1 broadband USB stick. Sigh, I don't know when the wifi would be working again but I will try to post the next few posts without photos and add them on when the wifi is working again.

NB on 18 Apr 11: All it took was to take out the cable, plug it back in and restart the router.