10 April 2011


Ohhh, it is not often that I see the Pilea cadierei (common name: Aluminium Plant; Family: Utricaceae) in the landscape, much less an open area with no other plants around it. In fact, I just used it for the terrarium demonstration recently and I love the beautiful texture of its foliage. 2 links on this fantastic plant are shown below:
The isolated island beds in Bishan Park II were planted up sparsely with Lagerstroemia indica, Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra' (synonym: I. cylindrica 'Red Baron'; common name: Japanese Blood Grass; Family: Poaceae), Iris domestica (synonym: Belamcanda chinensis; common name: Leopard Lily, Blackberry Lily; Family: Iridaceae) and Crinum. Two links on the Japanese Blood Grass are shown below:
There was an interesting small tree with small white flowers, orange fruits with a purplish pulp near the skating ring area. Across the bridge beside the flood plains is the new McDonald's outlet. Up in the sky, a brahminy kite flew by but I did not manage to take a good photo of it. On the ground, camouflaged against the river bed was a Little Egret basking itself on a boulder under the sun.

From afar, I saw a tree with flaming red leaves and as I approached it, I recognized it as the Kopsia flavida, which is seldom planted these days. I guess this tree looks best when its leaves are red.